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Jonathan Livingstone combines a number of methods in his work, including kinesiology (involving muscle testing, a way to communicate with the unconscious body without hypnosis), EMDR, NLP and hypnosis. He also uses a method he developed called Relearning Experience Process (REP).


A very brief outline of REP below.


Relearning Experience Process


Practical goal

A person presents for therapy because there is something she (or he) wants to achieve but seems unable to achieve. She is behaving in way that she doesn't want to (or failing to behave in the way she'd like to), and is likely to be having uncomfortable feelings. Her behaviour is inconsistent with what is termed the practical goal.


Therapeutic problem

The obstacle to the person achieving her practical goal is something in herself. But it's not a lack of skill or knowledge. If that were the case, the person would not need therapy but, rather, further training. The problem is internal to the person and so is considered emotional or psychological.


Therapeutic goal

The obstacle is countered through achievement of the therapeutic goal, which is the quality or capacity the person is potentially capable of demonstrating right now in the present. Examples are being okay even if others are disapproving; having the courage to say no even if others are disappointed; having the strength to act according to one's own interests. These therapeutic goals are potentially accessible to the person in the immediate present.


Tracking back

When the person states the therapeutic goal or, alternatively, imagines being in the problem situation behaving in the desired way, uncomfortable feelings spontaneously emerge (even if they are not consciously apprehended).

    These feelings drive the person to behave in a way inconsistent with the achievement of her practical goal. These feelings are the mechanism that will lead the person back to the origins of the problem, through the tracking back process.



At the origins of the problem the person and therapist-coach establish the nature of the problem experience. The therapist-coach guides the person to an imaginary resolution of the problem in the past. This resolution, or relearning, work gives the person a new way of responding to the difficult circumstances replacing the behaviour that has become problematic in the present. 


Problem resolved

Back in the present, the person is no longer able to get back the uncomfortable feelings that have driven the problematic behaviour. With the absence of the problem feelings, the therapeutic goal has been achieved, and the person is able to behave in a way consistent with achieving her goal.

    The problem has now been permanently resolved. 



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