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Jonathan Livingstone Therapy & Coaching   07951 260446   

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Jonathan Livingstone

Therapy & Coaching


Elysia Therapeutic Centre 

in Stourbridge, West Midlands


Consultations also available

via telephone or online

& home visits


07951 260446


There is a goal you want to achieve

but something is stopping you


You are behaving in a way inconsistent with your intentions

and can't seem to change


You have uncomfortable feelings or thoughts

that seem beyond your control

Resolve problems & achieve goals

Immediate results often experienced

Affordable & highly effective



Resolving problems & achieving goals

If the problem is something in you, it has a cause and is resolvable. Jonathan will find that cause and resolve it with you.




The rigorous therapy & coaching approach is informed by NLP, EMDR, kinesiology and hypnotherapy, emotional intelligence, extensive training, research and 20 years experience. For more information, see Methods.



Trauma therapy

If your problems are caused by a one-off event, whether or not you have conscious recollection of it, the event is likely to be addressed with the highly effective trauma therapy EMDR, supplemented by techniques from energy kinesiology.



Enhanced performance

Jonathan helps people improve performance in work, sport, study and personal relationships. He'll help you to find out exactly what is going wrong and why; and then help you to put it right. In sport he'll help you to discover the exact area that requires help (precisely identified with muscle testing), and help you to address it; or, if you've suffered a loss of confidence, he'll help you to rebuild your confidence. He has helped top athletes, and enthusiastic ones, in a variety of sports. 



Examples of issues successfully treated

  • emotional trauma, PTSD
  • childhood physical and sexual abuse and bullying
  • eating disorders, including anorexia and bulimia
  • social anxiety and other anxiety disorders
  • weight and body image
  • assertiveness and confidence
  • hay fever and other allergies and sensitivities
  • dyslexia and other learning difficulties
  • unfounded fears
  • accidents, assaults
  • pregnancy, childbirth and parenting
  • relationship difficulties
  • sexual dysfunction
  • loss of confidence
  • and many other issues



Brief, solution-focused, highly effective, economical and unique therapy & coaching

Jonathan Livingstone MA PGCE

Author of The Therapist Within You (2009)

& creator of REP


Call, text or WhatsApp:

07951 260446


Call now with no obligation to discuss your needs and goals 

'Today I feel happier than I've felt since I was nine. Thank you.'

'No more childhood hate and loneliness. Thank you for everything and your belief in me.'

'I feel I will never find the words to express what your help means and has meant to me.'

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