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Jonathan Livingstone MA PGCE has been helping people overcome problems and achieve goals since 1998, after he left teaching, trained as a hypnotherapist and opened his therapy & coaching practice in Brondesbury Villas, London.

    His interest in psychology began when at age 11 he started hypnotizing his school friends and, later, himself. In his twenties he trained in counselling and volunteered for Parentline. But he soon became disillusioned with the effectiveness of counselling and traditional psychotherapy and at the age of 30 turned to teaching.

    He left teaching in 1998 and trained in hypnotherapy (attaining diploma in therapeutic hypnosis & psychotherapy, London). This led him to EMDR, NLP (Master Practitioner 2001 from NLPU, Santa Cruz, CA, with Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier), kinesiology and energy therapy, including TAT (Touch for Health trainer 2001, Touch for Health Metaphors trainer 2007, Three-in-One Concepts practitioner 2001, EFT trainer 2002).

    In 2002–4 he served as an elected director of the Kinesiology Federation. 

    Jonathan gives trainings in EMTR (a streamlined version of EMDR) and NLP, and workshops in personal development and emotional intelligence. 

    Through clinical practice, study and reflection, he developed a way of working called Relearning Experience, which identifies the origins of a therapeutic problem in the history of a person and heals the problem at its origins, providing permanent resolution. 

    Jonathan works with people from any walk of life, religion, culture, race, sexuality or gender. His clients have included top athletes, CEOs, ambassador, titled person, doctors, college principals, journalists, actors and entrepreneurs. He has worked with people in recovery at a rehab in South Africa; troubled adolescents from Cape townships; and traumatized villagers in the coastal region of Tamil Nadu after the Asian tsunami at end 2004. 

    He has a special interest in issues of diversity and has served on and chaired committees promoting diversity in a college and school.

    An accredited civil and commercial mediator through London School of Mediation, Jonathan is registered with enhanced DBS update service, is fully insured and a member of the professional organization, Federation of Holistic Therapists. 

    Jonathan is author of The Therapist Within You (Lemniscate, 2009), a self-help book about kinesiology; and Relearning Experience (in preparation), an account of the theory and practice of his method to identify and heal the origins of psychological problems.

    He is the father of four children – two grown-up sons and two young daughters. He has lived abroad and travelled quite extensively. 

Jonathan Livingstone & Matthew Thie
Jonathan Livingstone and his two daughters



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Jonathan Livingstone MA PGCE

Author of The Therapist Within You (2009)

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