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Client testimonials

Jonathan Livingstone is especially grateful for the generous comments that so many of his clients have made.


This is a small sample of the unsolicited testimonials received. (Some details have been modified slightly to assure anonymity.)

I have thoroughly enjoyed our therapy sessions Jonathan, and even  belatedly, the ones where I experienced sadness and tears, because I  can feel the change in every pore of my being, and I thank you most  sincerely for that. P.

I’ve realized how much happened in therapy. No more childhood hate and  loneliness. Thank you for everything and your belief in me. B.

I have been feeling very much better about all of the  things that we discussed, plus other areas of my life - so things are  greatly improved. I don't have any outstanding issues to discuss and so  feel it would not serve any purpose for me to see you next Monday. I  would like to say thank you very much for the help you have given me and I will be in touch if I have anything else I need help with, and I will certainly recommend you to anyone else I feel may benefit from your skills. Many thanks, N.

For your information, after seeing you S. began to produce essays and  actually sat two exams, passing one. This is more than he has been able to do since his entry in 2006. He believes that the fail mark he  received on one of them was due to lack of sleep the night before. This  is huge progress! [Email from a staff member of a London University]

First I want to say thank you thank you very much for helping me last session. I feel really more grounded . . . I don’t need to tell you that you are good, you know it, but you are really good for me! I  have thought longer about the therapy. I learned so much about me and I  feel that my life has changed so much on the inside: the way I feel and  how I am able to feel, since I came to you. I can’t find words to  describe this. Today I thought: Welcome H.! You have arrived in the  present! Its such a nice nice feeling to enjoy the sun . . . I really  do enjoy the moment. The way I feel when I think about my mother is so  different. I so feel how big the change is on the inside and I want to  say really really thank you from my deepest heart to you Jonathan. I  feel I will never find the words to express what your help means and has meant to me, but maybe you know or feel it. THANK YOU! Thank you! H.

I’ve lost a stone, and had no chocolate since the session. I’m the envy of  my friends. I’ve been spreading the word. It's all down to you. T.

Just a quick note to let you know how well I'm doing! Noticed that with the next clients I had in after our session that I felt no pressure at all - magic :-) I'm feeling great and thanks so much for your help! By the  way, C. thinks you're pretty awesome as well . . . she's still waiting  for all her anger to come back as it disappeared so quickly & she's  finding it difficult to get her head around that - but she keeps saying  how her attitude has changed enormously and she's feeling so much better about it all. Well done! L.

Last session I really travelled a long way. Today I feel happier than I've felt since I was nine. Thank you. M.

All has been good. (No hayfever, amazing.) D.

I'm sure this is coming as no surprise to you, but it's really amazing to  me!! I can't believe I'm officially a non smoker, it's fantastic. I  don't think anyone else can believe it either, and I think I'm driving  some of my smoker friends crazy! J.

I had an appointment with you the day there was the fire. You asked me to keep in touch so I’m emailing to let you know that it has now been a  month since I had a cigarette! I did have one drag a couple of days ago  but that was just really to see if I still liked it, and I don’t. It was horrible. I never thought I would manage to stop and I wanted to thank  you very much for your help. I can’t see me starting again and I’m  really pleased because I feel so much better. Thank you ever so much for your help. Thanks again. C.

I came for a one hour session (quit smoking) 6 years ago, when 5 months pregnant. I haven't smoked ever since that day. Thank you very much. D. 

I remember and have internalized the therapy with you as something extremely positive and enriching. I was amazed how quickly you could get to the core of ME. It is kind of humbling to discover that something as obvious as ‘having fear’ I managed to hide from myself . . . but I can now ‘feel’ it and observe it. Essentially I feel I have a greater acceptance and Love for myself, therefore also greater acceptance and Love for others. For now I am not coming back to see you and feel fine with the 2 sessions. I believe you work in an amazing way and I feel deeply grateful for the 2 sessions ! I will recommend you to all my friends. M.



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'Today I feel happier than I've felt since I was nine. Thank you.'

'No more childhood hate and loneliness. Thank you for everything and your belief in me.'

'I feel I will never find the words to express what your help means and has meant to me.'

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