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Touch for Health (TFH) Training

Trainer: Jonathan Livingstone MA PGCE


Touch for Health trainer since 2001; Touch for Health Metaphors trainer since 2007

Formerly elected director of Kinesiology Federation (2002–4)


Author of The Therapist Within You (Lemniscate, 2009), a manual of self-help using kinesiology


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Kinesiology training for professionals and lay people

No previous experience or qualifications required


The Touch for Health Synthesis comprises four three-day workshops. Each level is certified by the International Kinesiology College (IKC) and there is no obligation to complete all of the levels. The training is standardized througout the UK, and workshops can be taken at any time with any TFH trainer. IKC Certificate of Proficiency in Touch for Health is achieved by taking a final two-day review, practice and assessment workshop.


  • Touch for Health is a system of balancing that improves posture, counters emotional stress, enhances wellbeing and helps to make goals attainable
  • The most widely used system of kinesiology in the world, Touch for Health uses manual muscle biofeedback to determine which stimuli stress the body and how that stress can be alleviated
  • The Touch for Health model does not treat or diagnose symptoms, but works with the energy, lifestyle and aspirations of the client, offering a safe and effective way to maintain health, enhance wellbeing and upgrade performance
  • Touch for Health is recognised and respected as a fundamental training for other kinesiology systems as well as a healing modality in its own right



TFH is a safe system of Energy Kinesiology


  • Develop personal awareness and clarify personal goals & motivation
  • Clear emotional, physical and energetic blocks
  • Increase energy & vitality and counteract fatigue
  • Relieve pain & release tension – headaches, backaches, stomach aches; arm, shoulder, leg & knee pain
  • Release mental & emotional stress
  • Enhance health & wellness and help prevent disease and injury
  • Accelerate recovery from illness & injuries
  • Improve performance at work, school and at home; in sports and in relationships
  • Identify foods which enhance your energy and those that deplete it
  • Balance your energy flow to enhance your personal bests, achieve more consistent and frequent peak performance, reach your life goals, and enjoy life to the fullest





Touch for Health has been safely used since 1973 in over 100 countries and the Touch for Health manuals have been translated into many languages. We rely on the individual being healthy enough to determine for herself if TFH is beneficial and whether she needs to seek expert care. For serious illness, injury, or continuing, worsening or severe symptoms, always seek the services of a health care professional.





Touch for Health is the most widely used system of kinesiology in the world. Millions of people have experienced and benefited from TFH. It is recognized and respected as a fundamental training for other kinesiology systems as well as a healing modality in its own right – and a key source for the emergence of Specialized Kinesiology, Energy Kinesiology and even Energy Psychology.


Touch For Health Kinesiology can be learned by anyone (with a little practice!), without any prior knowledge of muscles, physiology, vital energy, meridians, etc. Practical and hands-on, the Touch for Health workshops are facilitated in over 60 countries by certified Touch for Health Instructors, trained by the Faculty of the International Kinesiology College (IKC).


In Touch For Health we use muscle testing as a method of biofeedback to identify imbalances in the body's energy system. Using a holistic approach we rebalance the body's energies and activate the body's intrinsic healing process so that the body can better heal itself, creating that sense of effortless effort, and being in the flow of life.





Touch for Health is a synthesis of ancient knowledge of the Chinese acupuncture meridians and techniques derived from chiropractic, naturopathy, osteopathy, and even person-centered counselling. It includes acupressure, touch reflexes, meridian tracing, nutrition, and other techniques, to balance the body’s energies while focusing on meaningful, personal goals. 


Touch For Health Kinesiology has its roots in the work of chiropractor George Goodheart. Dr Goodheart developed a system called Applied Kinesiology which he shared with physicians who are licensed to diagnose (medical doctors, chiropractors, osteopaths, dentists, etc.) and assistants under their supervision.


John Thie, D.C., one of the early promoters of Goodheart’s work and the founding chairman of Goodheart’s International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) had the vision of sharing this information with the wider population so they could learn to help themselves. Dr Thie released the book Touch for Health in 1973, and developed the Touch for Health training programme which has been administered by the IKC since 1990. TFH was designed to empower every person to become active in the creation, maintenance and restoring of their own health and wellbeing, and the health and wellbeing of others.



Purposes of Touch for Health


  1. Increase vitality – energy, balance and resilience
  2. Discover your telos – sense of meaning and purpose in daily life
  3. Increase optimum performance and personal best – enhance your experience of life and recognize & celebrate your peak performances
  4. Enhance healing & accelerate recovery – optimize the function of the natural, innate healing system of the human body
  5. Discover & develop your natural healing ability – we can all help each other feel better through human touch (for health); some have a natural healing gift that will become a joyous life path of service and fulfilment
  6. Augment your self-care – increase awareness & effectiveness in taking care of yourself
  7. A new level of health control – when facing disease, stress, pain, challenges or limitations of any kind, we can experience subtle and dramatic improvements immediately and spon­taneously through balancing



Brief, solution-focused, highly effective, economical and unique therapy & coaching

Jonathan Livingstone MA PGCE

Author of The Therapist Within You (2009)

& creator of REP


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